Windows 7 Upgrade: worth it?

After a couple of virtual machine upgrades that worked pretty well, I decided to upgrade my main workhorse laptop (a 15" Lenovo W500) from Windows Vista 64-bit Ultimate to Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate. You can only upgrade to an identical subtype, without 3rd-party tools or a lot of hacking. The result? More disk space than when I started, and suddenly all my devices work. Skype is no longer helpless at finding the built-in video camera. It had been complaining that the camera was in already in use. When I plug in headphones, the speakers go silent without my having to find that really obscure control panel check box. The ATI Radeon HD 3650, which Lenovo is calling the ATI Mobility FireGL V5700, seems to have discovered the DisplayPort connection to my Dell 2408WFP, and the external monitor picture is really crisp now. You have to change the display settings twice: first have it duplicate the display on both monitors, then extend it to the other monitor. Now it can find the external monitor without having to reboot, and without getting a link failure at some point (usually when you're working on something really interesting). I upgraded to VMWare 7 while I was at it, and instead of doing this: vmware-splitscreen (split across two screens), which was totally useless, and in a way comical, it's allowing me to run Centos or Ubuntu across two monitors. I think it's the better drivers/OS combo, not the VMware, that's working now. Come to think of it, it's pretty outrageous what all was broken before. Better late than never.